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Italy's foreign policy

Head of the programme: Andrea Dessì
Researcher: Silvia Colombo, Dario Cristiani, Flavia Fusco, Ettore Greco
Programme and event assistant: Elisabetta Farroni

Italian foreign policy has been a central area of research since IAI's foundation. The Institute regularly organises national as well as international conferences and seminars on the topic, and a number of studies are produced annually. They focus on various aspects of Italy's external action, such as Italy's EU and Mediterranean policies, relations with the US and security and defence strategies. The main goal of research activities is to identify the implications for Italy of major international developments, and the strategic options that the country should adopt and implement to boost its international role.
IAI publishes an Italian foreign policy annual report which critically reviews the country's foreign policy conduct in the given year. IAI's English-language quarterly The International Spectator regularly publishes articles on Italy in world affairs. Italy's foreign policy choices are also discussed in the Institute's Italian-language webzine

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