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Un Nuovo Patto per l’Europa – Ricreare fiducia attraverso il dialogo

09/06/2016, Rome

Conference within the framework of New Pact for Europe research project. With the participation of Sandro Gozi, Under-Secretary for European Affairs in the office of Prime Minister.

Europe is at a crossroads. The Eurozone and refugee crises, as well as the growing tendency of EU member states to accord preference to parrochial national interests, threaten the sustainability of the integration project. Going back to a Europe of nation states is costly and counterproductive, however. Instead, it is necessary to find new arrangements and reignite a more effective cooperation based on mutual understanding of the interests and priorities of EU member states. The 'New Pact for Europe' project aims to promote pan-European dialogue through the creation of National Reflection Groups comprising representatives from the political world and institutions, research and the media, the private sector and NGOs.
The first meeting of the Italian Refelction Group, which  will see the participation of the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister Sandro Gozi, will discuss key issues such as economic governance, security and immigration.

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