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Le implicazioni strategiche della guerra in Ucraina per l'Italia

20/02/2024, Rome, Chamber of Deputies - h. 10:30

After raging for nearly two years, the Russian war on Ukraine presents NATO and Europe with a number of strategic implications which inevitably influence Italy’s own defence policy. The prolonged, large-scale and high-intensity conflict between forces similar in size and capabilities require that the Italian armed forces identify lessons learned in all five operational domains (land, sea, air, space and cyber), including from a joint operations perspective. In addition, the ongoing war has direct and indirect implications for the defence and aerospace industry on the national and European levels.

IAI will present an upcoming study examining these issues at a conference on 20 February 2024, with the participation of representatives from Parliament, government, the armed forces and the industry, in order to spark a fruitful debate on the war’s strategic implications for Italy.



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