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Le Donne nelle Missioni Internazionali - L’Esperienza Italiana a Herat

30/03/2017, Roma

Conference in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Defence and with the support of Intesa San Paolo.

The conference will present the results of a research by the same title conducted by IAI and the Italian Ministry of Defence on the experience of the Italian contingent in Afghanistan and in particular on the role of women. The research aims to analyze the contribution of women to international security, especially emphasizing the importance of women's participation in peacekeeping operations, with a focus on stabilization and reconstruction missions, and peace-building activities at the international level. Based on data collected in the field between July 28 and August 3, 2016 by two IAI researchers, the study proposes some thoughts with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of civil-military cooperation initiatives (CIMIC) conducted by the Italian Armed Forces, aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of Afghan women.

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