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Italy, Mediterranean security and European defence

25/06/2019, Brussels

In partnership with the Istituto Affari Internationali (IAI), Friends of Europe is launching its study on Italy and the future of European defence and Mediterranean security in Rome and Brussels.

The new report by Friends of Europe to be released on June 25 highlights growing security challenges in the Mediterranean region and Italy’s central role in influencing Europe’s response. The study by Friends of Europe senior fellow Paul Taylor, a columnist for POLITICO and veteran former foreign correspondent for Reuters, examines the broad array of present and future threats, driven by long terms trends of climate change, demography and state fragility, and fueled by great power rivalry, resource conflicts, radicalization and Jihadist terrorism, and smuggling of people, arms and drugs. It will offer recommendations for how to optimise Italy’s defence policy to best assure its own long-term security interests and those of Europe.
The study complements four similar studies on France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland’s roles in European security and defence.

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