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Israel/Palestine after the Trump Plan

17/04/2020, Webinar

Although the world currently seems to be "on hold" due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts are continuing, often in their full intensity, but with diminished international attention. This also applies to the Israeli-Palestinian context; a new government is forming in Israel which might proceed with the official annexation of parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. This follows US President Donald Trump‘s proposed “peace plan” which violates principles of international law and parameters that the EU has been advocating for years. Due to the opposition of Hungary, however, the EU Council was not able to adopt a common EU response to the plan, making the EU increasingly irrelevant. This webinar will discuss the US plan and how it has impacted local dynamics. It will also focus on how the EU can prepare to play a more meaningful role in the protection of international parameters and law.

Tareq Baconi, International Crisis Group

Lara Friedman, Foundation for Middle East Peace

Martin Konečny, European Middle East Project

Dimitris Bouris, University of Amsterdam

Daniela Huber, Istituto Affari Internazionali

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