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EU-Turkey cooperation on migration management: going beyond ad hoc short-termism

06/05/2019, Kos

The Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and the Mercator Stiftung and Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) organise the fourth event of the Global Turkey in Europe V Programme "Eu-Turkey cooperation on migration management: going beyond ad hoc short-termism".

Today, we are at a point when intra-EU political deadlock continues to exert pressure on frontline member states and tilt Europe towards further externalisation, accompanied with transactionalist approaches. As for the EU-Turkey cooperation, the expiry date of the Statement and the Facility for Refugees in Turkey is fast approaching. Thus, it is high time to put sustainability at the heart of the debate. This also allows us to tackle through a coherent framework the interrelated challenges of: (i) EU-Turkey joint governance of mixed migration flows, (ii) going beyond the emergency reception mode in Greece, and (iii) enabling refugees’ self-sufficiency and cohesion with more resilient local communities in Turkey. Approaching these issues through a sustainability lens, the fourth GTE workshop aims to foster debate among a diverse set of stakeholders on how to go beyond the currently predominant ad hoc short-termism and unpredictability of EU-Turkey migration management cooperation.

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