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Does the EU-Turkey Deal Represent a Model to be Replicated in Other Contexts?

16/12/2016, Catania

Workshop in the framework of the research project "Global Turkey in Europe".

The protracted armed conflict in Syria has created 4.3 million registered refugees. More than 2.3 million of them are hosted in Turkey. The massive influx of refugees and irregular migrants attempting to reach EU countries has become a common challenge requiring cooperation between the EU and Turkey. On March 18, the EU-Turkey Agreement introduced a series of ‘action points’. The deal immediately sparked heated discussions concerning its implications for the humanitarian dimension of the refugee crisis.
After two events in Istanbul and Athens, Catania will host the third of a series of workshops on the refugee crisis under the Global Turkey in Europe program. The principal aim of the event is to further discuss the EU-Turkey deal and examine whether it represents a model to be replicated in other contexts, with a particular focus on Libya.

Welcome and introduction:
Nathalie Tocci, Deputy DIrector, IAI
Gülcihan Çiğdem Okan, Mercator-IPC Fellowship Program Officer, IPC
Hedwig Giusto, Senior Policy Advisor, FEPS
Peter Seeberg, Associate Professor at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark
Open Debate moderated by Mia Forbes Pirie, The Policy Partners/Jurit LLP

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