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Cooperazione Internazionale e Gestione delle Risorse

15/04/2024 - 18/04/2024, Online course

General course overview

Among today's complex challenges, resource management through sustainable multilateralism remains central: crises and the energy transition, for example, demand a shift towards renewable sources to mitigate environmental impact and ensure energy security. Simultaneously, food security emerges as a crucial concern, as growing demand and climate change threaten the stability of food supply. Additionally, limited access to fundamental resources, such as water, further accentuates challenges, underscoring the need for innovative strategies to ensure sustainable and equitable use of natural resources. In this intricate context, international coordination and collaboration are essential to successfully address these challenges and build a more resilient and sustainable future. Training professionals in this field is crucial to promoting sustainable global governance and the effectiveness of humanitarian interventions.


Italian (with the possibility of modules in English)

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