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Turkey, Europe and the Syrian Crisis: What Went Wrong?


Syria should have united, not torn, Turkey and Europe apart. It should have led both sides to work together, and through closer foreign policy coordination, possibly rebuild part of that long-lost trust that is badly needed to re-launch the broader EU-Turkey agenda. But when on August 21 a chemical bombardment killed hundreds on the outskirts of Damascus, the debate polarized. Turkey was quick to jump on the interventionist bandwagon. The European Union took a different line. With the sole exception of France, no member state openly backed the idea of a military attack without a UN Security Council resolution. In view of the current prospects for a reinvigorated diplomatic process, what should Europe, Turkey and the United States do?

Documento prodotto nell'ambito del progetto Turkey, Europe and the World. Pubbl. in IAI Research Paper 13.

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