From Pluralization to Fragmentation. The Iraqi Kurdish Case from an Historical Perspective

The article provides an historical understanding of the ongoing «homogeneization» of a number of Eastern Mediterranean countries, taking the transition from a plural to a largely mono-dimensional Kurdish identity as a case study. A special attention is given to the post-World War I zeitgeist, as well as to the Kurdish historiography and the ongoing attempts and efforts made by some of its most prominent theorists to deal with identity-related issues from a non-nationalist or post-nationalist perspective. The conclusions sheds light on inclusive identities and institutions, stressing the importance of sustaining the growing efforts that a number of people in the region are making in order to get back into their own histories.

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in Nuova Rivista Storica, a. 103, fasc. 1 (gennaio-aprile 2019), p. 251-265
2036-3206, 978-88-534-4825-5
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