The Impact of Brexit on the European Armament Industry

The present paper maps out some of the tangible potential consequences of Brexit on the European armament industry. A year after the UK’s vote to leave the bloc, there has been altogether little thinking dedicated to the issue. Will the UK have access to EU research funding up to and after 2020? What is the potential impact of Brexit on the European Defence Agency, the European Commission and its directives, on OCCAR and the LOI? What repercussions might it give rise to for bilateral or multilateral European programmes? What will be the impact of negotiations on UK-EU defence company agreements, from Thales to Airbus, and from MBDA to Leonardo? The aim of the following report is to provide a modicum of clarity on issues, which may seem uncharted in places, and inscrutable at times.

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in Ares Group Reports, No. 19 (August 2017), 40 p.
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Executive Summary

Up to 2020: What UK Access to EU Funding?
The Transition Period and EU Funding for Defence Research
After 2020: The Next EU Budget
The European Defence Agency, OCCAR and LOI
The European Commission and EU Directives
Regulatory Issues
Bilateral Cooperation
Multilateral Cooperation
Defence Companies
Maintaining Competitiveness
Mitigating Risk
National Perspectives
Paris and Berlin
Rome and Madrid

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