European Defence Cooperation from an Italian Perspective

This article is comprised of four parts. First, it outlines key features of the traditional Italian approach to defence cooperation which are likely to remain in place in the next years. Second, it discusses the main consequences of the recent defence budget cuts in Europe. Then, it analyses the current position of the Italian government on European defence cooperation, and the likely approach of the new government resulting from the 2013 general elections. Finally, it sketches some implications for small EU member states.

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in Johann Frank und Walter Matyas (Hg.), Strategie und Sicherheit 2013. Chancen und Grenzen europäischer militärischer Integration, Wien, Böhlau, 2013, p. 181-189
978-3-205-79467-7; 2227-7668; 2304-4845 (online); 10.7767/sus-2013-0117
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