Conflict Society and Peacebuilding. Comparative Perspectives

Civil society’s role in conflict and peace-building is increasingly being recognized: an integral element in conflict, it can act within the conflict dynamic to fuel discord further or to entrench the status quo. Alternatively, it can bring about peaceful resolution and reconciliation. The question at hand is not whether to engage civil society in contexts of conflict, but rather how governmental actors can partner with civil society to induce conflict resolution and conflict transformation. The collection of essays in this volume attempts to explore this nexus between civil society and peace-building, especially in the context of intra-state and identity-driven conflicts, across different regions by focusing on case studies from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

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New Delhi and Abingdon, Routledge, 2011, x, 321 p. (Ethics, Human Rights and Global Political Thought)
Data pubblicazione: 
1. Conflict Society in Conflict and Peace, Raffaele Marchetti and Nathalie Tocci
Part 1: Theoretical Reflections
2. Engaging Civil Society in Peace-building, Kateryna Pishchikova and Valeria Izzi
3. What are the Preconditions for Civil Society?, Neera Chandhoke
Part 2: Analysis of International Civil Society in Conflicts
4. Protecting Humans, Governing International Disorder: Integrated UN Peacekeeping and NGO, Laura Zanotti
5. NGO'S roles in Humanitarian Interventions and Peace Support Operation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Daniela Irrera
Part 3: Analysis of Local Civil Society in Conflicts
6. ‘Peacebuilding from Below’ in Colombia: The Peace Laboratories' Case-Study, Miguel Barreto Henriques
7. The Politics and Identity of Kashmiri Women Organisations, Ayesha Ray
8. Civil Society and Human Rights Protection in Iraq since 2003, Melek Saral
9. The AKP, Civil Society, the Turkey’s Kurdish Question, Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere
10. Civil Society in Bosnia after Dayton: The Role of the Associations of Victims and Relatives of Missing Persons, Valentina Gentile
11. Surviving the Peace? Impact of War-to-Democracy Transitions on Human Rights Organisations in South Africa, Véronique Dudouet