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Technology and international relations (Tech-IR)

The Tech-IR programme aims to study the link between technology and international relations, investigating the new political challenges triggered by an increasingly technological world.

IAI has always considered technological tools as one of the cornerstones of political thinking and action. In particular, the Institute has developed specific skills in space policy, a sector that stands at a crossroads between national, intergovernmental and multilateral policies. IAI has also recently published various studies and analyses on the cyber sector, a field where uses and policies related to information technology are on the increase.

Within the Tech-IR programme, political aspects of ICT represent a strategic target, starting from the space sector and cybernetics and extending to new elements. Technological innovation, the digital sector, artificial intelligence together with disruption technologies, are political issues rich in potential.

In a new technological world we must face challenges related to matters such as individual rights, stability of democracy, impact of EU laws and the geopolitics of technology.

The close relationship between technology and international relations is therefore becoming a more pressing matter that deserves think tank attention due to its impact on society as a whole and on its actors. Today, technology must be analysed and understood as a political phenomenon.

The Tech-IR programme was born with the aim of putting the spotlight on this fast-growing new sector and as an integral part of the mission of an Institute that is working to understand and transform international trends into policy for Italy, Europe and the world.

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