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REACHING OUT - Demonstration of EU effective large scale threat and crisis management outside the EU

2016 - 2017

Effective EU support to a large external crisis requires new approaches. In response to this challenge and to identified user and market needs from previous projects, Reaching Out proposes an innovative multi-disciplinary approach that will optimize the efforts, address a wide spectrum of users and maximize market innovation success. This approach results in five main objectives: to 1. Develop a Collaborative Framework, with distributed platforms of functional services; 2. Implement a flexible and open “collaborative innovation” process involving users and SMEs, suppliers, operators and research organisations; 3. Develop, upgrade and integrate 78 new connectable and interoperable tools; 4. Conduct large scale demonstrations on the field; 5. Provide recommendations and evaluations for future legal and policy innovations

 Funding: European Union - Horizon 2020