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Osservatorio transatlantico

2004 - 2009

This project was for a while IAI’s most structured cooperation initiative with one of the houses of Italy’s Parliament, the Senate of the Republic. Given its success, in 2009 the project evolved into the broader and more comprehensive Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale [Observatory of International Relations], which also involves the House of Deputies and Italy’s Foreign Ministry. IAI’s activity consisted in the elaboration of quarterly reports and thematic essays. The quarterly reports examined the most important developments in the US-European relations, illustrated the foreign policy debate in the US Congress, and shied light on the transatlantic policies of Britain, France, and Germany. The thematic essays (approximately one a month) provided an in-depth analysis of specific subjects of particular importance or relevance for the transatlantic debate, as follows: Russia’s relations with the EU and NATO; the areas of tensions in the Euro-Atlantic space; the European Energy Policy; the Union for the Mediterranean; the Italy-Libya cooperation treaty; the EU budget reform.

All quarterly reports and thematic essays are available on this website.

The thematic essays published during the June 2004-June 2005 period have been collected in an, ad hoc publication by the Senate of the Republic, Rapporti atlantici e Scenari mediterranei - Analisi e riflessioni a partire dall'attualità.