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Osservatorio IAI-ISPI sulla politica estera italiana

2018 - current

This project puts Italian foreign policy at the center of the debate and investigates Italy's objectives, strategies and actions on the European and international chessboard. The Observatory on Italian foreign policy - the result of the joint reflection and collaboration between IAI and ISPI - intends to monitor, analyze, and formulate concrete ideas and proposals on Italy's foreign policy as well as to promote its knowledge among professionals and the general public in Italy and abroad too. Since October 2018, IAI and ISPI have been producing a joint Newsletter every two months, containing video materials, infographics and analyses on national foreign policy issues. Furthermore, as part of the project, IAI organizes roundtables and analysis and dissemination meetings on current issues concerning Italy's foreign policy with experts, representatives of the institutions and journalists.

Funding: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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