Global Outlook

The Global Outlook of the International Affairs Institute was conceived in mid-1996 as a venue for debate, analysis and proposal on topics of special relevance for contemporary Italy's international action.

Target group
The activities of the IAI Global Outlook are mainly targeted at firms and private groups interested in monitoring the evolution of countries, regional areas, markets and topics of particular significance influencing their international choices and strategies. It is also aimed at organizations interested in strengthening Italy’s role and presence in the global context.

Some of the biggest Italian enterprises have been participating in the IAI Global Outlook since its launch and banking groups, business associations and public bodies interested in business internationalisation processes are also involved. Those who have participated in the IAI Global Outlook include: Assolombarda, Banca di Roma, Bnl, Compagnia di San Paolo, Confindustria, Enel, Edison, Eni/con Agip, Fiat, Finmeccanica, Imprenditorialità Giovanile, Iri, Italcementi, Mediocredito Centrale, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Olivetti, Pirelli, San Paolo-Imi, Simest, Telecom Italia.

The Global Outlook aims to:

  • formulate economic/strategic scenarios in light of the radical changes underway in the international framework
  • establish a comprehensive frame of reference for analysis and information regarding the main emerging areas
  • monitor development opportunities and characteristics of the processes of international projection of the Italian entrepreneurial system<
  • provide a set of proposals for Italy's foreign economic policy and process of internationalization

Steering committee
The activities of the IAI Global Outlook are coordinated and monitored by the Steering Committee, comprising representatives from participating firms/institutions and the IAI. The Steering Committee also constitutes a permanent Forum for discussion and considerations of issues pertaining to global governance.

 2002 - 2017

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