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European Think Tanks Network on China

2014 - current

The Institute is a member of the European Think Tanks Network on China (ETNC), a gathering of China experts from a selection of European think tanks and research institutes devoted to the study of Chinese foreign policy and EU-China relations. The network serves to facilitate regular exchanges among participating researchers for the purpose of deepening the understanding of how Europe, as a complex set of actors, relates with China and how developments in China will impact the future of Europe. When examining Sino-European relations, the network’s discussions, analyses and recommendations focus on the bilateral relationships between individual European states and China in order to examine Europe-China relations in a realistic and comprehensive way.

Since its inaugural meeting in November 2014, the network members meet in a different capital every six months. The IAI was subsequently present at various meetings organised by the network and in 2017 also hosted the autumn meeting at its premises. Finally, the Institute regularly contributes to the network's reports.






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