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The development of ESDP and Its Implications for the Transatlantic Partnership

2003 - 2006

The aim of the project is to promote a network of experts on both sides of the Atlantic so as to provide a continuous and systematic analysis of developments in the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and its implications for the transatlantic partnership. The project includes a periodic international conference to discuss the most recent developments in European Security and Defence Policy.
The first international conference was held in Rome in November 2003, in cooperation with the EU Institute of Security Studies. The conference examined the state of European defence policy, implications for transatlantic partnership as well as new forms of responsibility and burden-sharing among allies in sectors of crucial importance for European and international security.
A second conference was held in January 2005, in cooperation with CeMiSS (the Italian Military Centre for Strategic Studies), and addressed, in particular, the differences and points of convergence between the US foreign and security policy after the elections and the emerging European security concept, the further development of the EU-NATO agreements, and the other key challenges in the field of transatlantic cooperation.
In June a conference on nuclear non-proliferation was organised.
Finally the results of this conference were presented in 2006 in an international seminar in Brussels - "Transatlantic Security Dialogue" - co-organised with the German Marhsall Fund of the United States.