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Building a transatlantic technology bridge: challenges and opportunities

2023 - 2024

The goal of this project is to analyse current initiatives that aim to strengthen and broaden transatlantic dialogue and cooperation on the challenges posed by technological development, with particular attention to digitalisation and energy transition. In particular, the project will investigate to what extent existing cooperation initiatives can decrease transatlantic trade- and technology-related tensions and support a common evaluation of the risks and opportunities deriving from technological development; favour a shared EU-US strategic and policy approach; and lay the ground for new joint initiatives to face the transatlantic partners’ main international rivals. After a background paper that will illustrate transatlantic divergence and cooperation attempts in the digital and energy sphere, EU-US cooperation will be analysed through three case studies: digital infrastructure, semiconductors and hydrogen. Research findings will be discussed during two public events that will take place in Rome and Turin, and policy recommendations will be collected in a final policy paper.

Funding: Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Intesa San Paolo

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