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  • Global Turkey in Europe

    [former "Turkey, Europe and the World: Political, Economic and Foreign Policy Dimensions of Turkey's Evolving Relationship with the EU"]

    The overarching theme and assumption of the project...

    Start/End: 2012 - 2019
  • The future of EU-Turkey relations: Mapping dynamics and testing scenarios - FEUTURE

    FEUTURE – a consortium of 14 experienced universities and think tanks from the EU, Turkey and the neighbourhood and with the scientific coordination by the IAI and administrative coordination by...

    Start/End: 2016 - 2019
  • Turkey in Europe and the World—A Trilateral Initiative

    As part of a two-year programme, the Center for American Progress (CAP) is leading - in cooperation with the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) - “Turkey in...

    Start/End: 2016 - 2017
  • The Changing Regional Role of Turkey and Cooperation with the EU in the Neighbourhood

    Turkey has moved from being an interlocutor to a key player in its neighbourhood. The aim of this study is to explore the implications this has for Turkey's regional role, for its security,...

    Start/End: 2014 - 2014
  • Ita-Turk Forum

    Since 2009, IAI has contributed to this initiative of Unicredit in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Research (Stratejik Arastirmalar Merkezi - SAM) and and the Italian and Turkish...

    Start/End: 2009 - 2011
  • Turkey and the European Union: Conditions, Impact and Prejudice

    The aim of the project- developed in cooperation with the Ankara- based Economic Policy Research Institute (TEPAV) and other ten EU research centres- was to fill the gap which separates the...

    Start/End: 2007 - 2008
  • The European Neighgourhood Policy

    In addition to the ENP-related activities organized by the IAI in the framework of the EU CONSENT network, the following events have been held in the last years:
    - 1 March 2004, Rome:...

    Start/End: 2004 - 2007
  • Turkey and European Security

    This study was carried out in 2005-2006 in collaboration with the Tesev Foundation (Turkish Economic ans Social Studies Foundation) of Istanbul. It focuses on the political and military...

    Start/End: 2005 - 2006