The "Yellow-Green" Government's Foreign Policy

Italy’s government’s contract makes limited, vague and generic mention of foreign policy, of European policy and of the country’s posture in the international arena. What’s more, over these past ten months, foreign policy has been the most conspicuous victim of the permanent competition between the ruling coalition partners, the League and 5-Star Movement. Italian foreign policy has been characterised by an evident discrepancy between the rhetoric and narrative of the two parties (which have underlined the need for greater discontinuity with past governments on the subject of Italy’s foreign policy) and the actual conduct of the government, which, despite uncertainties, ambiguities and contradictions, has thus far adopted a relatively less disruptive approach. Italy has nevertheless paid a high price in terms of isolation and marginality both in Europe and the international stage.

Revised English version of “La politica estera del Governo giallo-verde”, published in March 2019.

Rome, IAI, April 2019, 12 p.
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1. Origins of the government “of change” and the government’s contract
1.1 The government’s contract and foreign policy
1.2 The governing contract and relations with the EU
2. Not one, but four foreign policies
3. Antagonism toward the EU
3.1 Clash with the EU on the budget law
3.2 Migration, another battleground with the EU
3.3 The European Parliament elections: Change of strategy in the two-party majority alliance
4. The price of greater isolation in Europe
4.1 Relations with European partners
4.2 Fascination with the Visegrad countries
5. Trump’s America
6. Russia
7. China
Concluding considerations

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