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WTO and Geopolitical Changes. Multilateralism and Coalitions of Members among Crises, Adaptation to Change and Rebirth


A 21st century multilateral institution with its own dispute settlement body, the World Trade Organization (WTO) seems to represent better than any other organisation the complex soul of an ever-changing international community, where power and legitimacy are no longer based on the ideological and geographical factors that have characterised the UN system. This study draws on the differences between the WTO and the UN system to examine some geopolitical and strategic changes that have taken place at the dawn of the third millennium, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the WTO, in particular on the coalition systems, as well as the groups and lobbies within its heterogeneous membership.

Translation of “Omc e mutamenti geopolitici. Multilateralismo e coalizioni di membri tra crisi, adattamento al cambiamento e rinascita”, published in September 2018.

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