Towards a More Reflexive EU in the Mediterranean. Final Policy Recommendations of MEDRESET

In MEDRESET’s final policy recommendations, aimed at the new European Parliament, Commission and High Representative, we propose that the EU should become a more reflexive actor in the Mediterranean. Three related steps are key to take into this direction: (1) Substance: Begin to have periodic screening reports of EU policies and the possible harmful effects they have, and set up a study commission to reflect on a new development model for the whole Mediterranean, Europe included. (2) Actors: Work with local non-co-opted civil society and include it in all stages of policy-making towards third countries. (3) Instruments: Come forward with a reconciliation, “do no harm” and dialogue policy.

Rome, IAI, July 2019, 14 p.
Policy Paper 10
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1. Substance: Becoming More Responsive to Local Needs
2. Actors: Towards Inclusion
3. Instruments: Moving Against Fragmentation and Separation
4. A Reconciliation, “Do No Harm” and Dialogue Policy for the Mediterranean

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