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Soldato del deserto. La guerra del Golfo vista dal Comandante delle Forze Alleate


In the framework of its Gulf countries programme, the IAI managed the publication of Prince Khaled bin Sultan’s memoires of the Gulf war. The book was translated by Paola Brusasco and published by ADN Kronos Libri. In addition to his memories of the war, the book contains recollections of the prince’s activity in the ruling the country and relations within the royal family. In this way, it is a unique source of information on the style and objectives of Saudi Arabia’s government. Publication of “Desert Warrior” as a part of the IAI’s Gulf programme, follows a conference organised by the IAI in Rome on 4-5 March 1999 on “Italo-Saudi relations: development, co-operation and common interests, Europe and the Middle East"” and the publication of the proceedings of the conference, “Arabia Saudita Cent’Anni”, edited by R. Aliboni and D. Pioppi, in the IAI series brought out by Franco Angeli (Milan, 2000).

Translation of Desert Warrior. A Personal View of the Gulf War by the Joint Forces Commander (London, HarperCollins, 1995) managed by the stituto Affari Internazionali (IAI).