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Security and Common Ground in the Euro-Med Partnership


In its deliberations during 2001, the EuroMeSCo IAI-AEI Working Group on “The Euro-Med Charter: Searching for Common Ground” devoted its efforts to exploring concepts of security in order to identify some Euro-Med common ground. This Report is based on these deliberations, in particular on the seminar held in Tunis on 5-6 October and on the papers prepared by the members of the Group (see annex 1). This Report, after an introduction (sec. 2) on the state of the debate in the Euro-Med Partnership (EMP) and the questions it raises for the Partners, presents three concepts relating to security – which are not necessarily mutually exclusive and discusses their significance for the Euro-Med context – comprehensive security (sec. 3); human security (sec. 4); and global security (sec. 5). In the final section (sec. 6), it draws conclusions and makes recommendations.

First Year Report of the EuroMeSCo Working Group on the Search for a Euro-Med Security Common Ground (Working Group I).

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