Regionalism in a Changing World. Comparative Perspectives in the New Global Order

Regionalism has been a key feature of contemporary international relations. As the most successful case of regional integration, the European Union (EU) has been leading the international debate. Yet, in the past few years new regional practices have emerged in other continents, thus adding to the variety and scope of regionalization processes. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the state of regionalism in a global arena ever more dominated by emerging powers and shifting political/economic balances. Against the backdrop of the global economic crisis, which has invariably weakened Europe and its integration model, the book examines the pace of integration in Africa, Asia and South America, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that the new global order poses to contemporary regionalisms. Besides a number of empirical case studies focusing on the political, economic and legal aspects of regionalization, the book also discusses innovative theoretical approaches to the study of regionalism in a post-European context.

Published also as a special issue of The International Spectator, Vol. 47, No. 1 (March 2012).

London and New York, Routledge, 2012, viii, 164 p.
978-0-415-80996-2 ; 978-0-415-75479-8 (pbk)
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1. Editor's Note, di Lorenzo Fioramonti
Theoretical Perspectives
2. Comparative Regionalism: A Field Whose Time has Come?, di Amitav Acharya
3. Why We Need to ‘Unpack’ Regions to Compare Them More Effectively, di Luk Van Langenhove
Europe at the Crossroads: Economic and Judicial Integration
4. Sovereign Debt Crisis in Euroland: Root Causes and Implications for European Integration, di Henk Overbeek
5. New Legal Instruments in a Changing World: Legal, Political and Cultural Developments in EU Judicial Cooperation, di Daniela Piana
Africa's Emancipation: Emerging Dynamics and Developments
6. Breaking Free from Europe: Why Africa Needs Another Model of Regional Integration, di Peter Draper
7. Legal Harmonisation in Africa: Taking Stock and Moving Forward, di Magnus Killander
Regionalism Around the World: Expectations and Realities
8. Regionalism in Asia as Disguised Multilateralism: A Critical Analysis of the East Asia Summit and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, di David Camroux
9. Has Regionalism Peaked? The Latin American Quagmire and its Lessons, di Andrés Malamud e Gian Luca Gardini
10. A Changing Mediterranean: Regional Organisations and North Africa during the Arab Spring, di Marco Pinfari
11. Building Regions from Below: Has the Time Come for Regionalism 2.0?, di Lorenzo Fioramonti

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(Publication) Vol. 47, No. 1, March 2012 - 15/03/2012

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