The Post-Elections Turkey: What Lies Ahead?

The Justice and Development (AK) Party’s decisive comeback on 1 November 2015 in the general elections offers valuable insights into Turkey’s domestic politics and its role as a pivotal actor in its region and the globe. Especially in light of the devastating Paris attacks, the international community’s attention has tuned in to Turkey’s immediate region, and how the new Turkish government will act in the fight against regional destabilisers like ISIL and the failed state of Syria and Iraq emerges as a pressing question.

Paper produced within the framework of the project Turkey, Europe and the World.

Roma, IAI, November 2015, 5 p.
Commentary 27
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The AK Party as the “Dominant Party” and “New Turkey”
Governing or Ruling; Leadership or Hegemony?
The Role of Post-Election Turkey in Responding to Global Challenges
The Refugee Crisis
The ISIL Problem
The State Problem, Regional Power Games, and the Lack of Leadership in the Region
The Lack of Institutions and the Problem of Sectarianism in Troubled Regions
What Lies Ahead for Turkey and the World

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