Policy/Institutional Factors of Youth Exclusion/Inclusion in the South East Mediterranean

According to the project Power2Youth, the macro level is "the level of state policies and institutional structures". The Work Package (WP) 2 aims at studying the effects of public policies on youth in four interrelated public action domains: employment, family, migration and spatial planning. In the light of discourses that orient policies and concrete schemes implemented in these four domains of public action, research at the macro-level will try to understand the processes and dynamics of youth exclusion/inclusion shedding light on how various forms of marginalization and domination (gender, social, urban/rural, ethnic, based on citizenship, etc.) intersect to generate inequalities among youth themselves. From a methodological point of view, various quantitative and qualitative sources will be used as resources for data, but also as objects of study to understand the various narratives on youth.
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, December 2014, 19 p.
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1. Introduction: The Complexity of a Macro-level Analysis of Public Policies Directed at “Youth” and the Need for a Critical Research Perspective

2. Definitions

3. WP2 Research Scheme: A Focus on Four Domains of Public Action
Youth Employment Policies
Family Policies
Migratory Policies
Spatial Planning Policies

4. WP2 Research Scheme: Four Guiding Research Questions
"Youth" as a Concrete Category
"Youth" as a Problem Generation
Intersectionality of Factors of Inclusion and Exclusion: Does "Youth" Exist as Such?
The "2011 Turn" and the Impact of the "Arab Revolutions"

5. Methodology, Sources and Resources
Sources and Resources
Methodological Discussion

6. Guidelines for the Outline of Country Reports
Basic Information (Introduction)
Corpus of Data and Indicators on Youth Available in the Various Countries
Methodology and Methodological Discussion
Policy Analysis in the Four Selected Domains, as per the Four Research Questions

7. Guidelines for Data Collection and Methodological Issues of the Online Database


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