Multi-level Factors of Youth Exclusion and Inclusion in Brazil

This report contains a discussion of the main findings emerging from a study of the role of young people in the “Tropical Spring” mobilizations in Brazil. After a brief discussion of the general socio-economic and political context and issues affecting young people’s labour market exclusion, we offer a comprehensive analysis of the main domestic factors – both policy (factors related to labour market and social inclusion) and organizational (factors to pertaining social and political engagement) – that affected youth grievances and activism and provided the backdrop of the 2013 mobilizations. In the final parts, the particular characteristics and events of the June-July 2013 protests are elaborated. The report concludes by delving into the transformative impact of the student mobilizations and their effects on the national context.

Roma, IAI, May 2017, 23 p. (updated September 2017)
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1. Country Context
2. Overview of the Situation of Young People
3. Factors of Youth Exclusion in a Context of Crisis
3.1 Policy Factors
3.2 Organizational Factors
4. Youth Mobilization at Critical Times

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