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L'Italia e la politica internazionale. Edizione 2000


In 1999, the much debated NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia brought to an end a century marked by repeated and profound transformations in the international system. 1999 was also the year of the introduction of the euro, the single European currency, the source of many hopes and fears. Both events were of great importance for Italy's international role and action. But they were not the only ones that tested the efficacy of Italy's foreign policy during the course of the twelve months examined in this yearbook. Suffice it to think of other significant novelties that took place in the process of European integration, especially in the sectors of defence and justice and home affairs, or the Washington NATO summit, a fundamental step in the transformation of the Atlantic Alliance, or the crisis triggered by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan's stay in Italy, a typical case study of the mechanisms and dynamics of Italian diplomacy. This book, a joint effort by two well-known international affairs institutes – the IAI, Rome, and ISPI, Milan – offers documented analysis of the stances and initiatives taken by Italy in relation to the events mentioned, as well as of other important aspects of Italy's international action in 1999. The volume devotes particular attention to the recent initiatives of reform of the bodies and instruments of Italian foreign policy. It represents an important primary source for understanding and interpreting Italy's foreign policy in light of the processes of internationalisation that are affecting the country ever more strongly.

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