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Le opzioni di riforma del mercato per un sistema italiano dell'energia affidabile, redditizio e decarbonizzato


In its recent draft National Energy and Climate Plan, Italy set ambitious targets for increasing the share of variable renewable energy and committed to closing all coal plants by 2025. These developments, coupled with concerns about the economic viability of power plants and the ability to “keep the lights on”, resulted in the government introducing a capacity market. This paper offers a review of the resource adequacy outlook for Italy and the design of the capacity market, and map out a pathway for achieving a reliable, cost efficient and decarbonised Italian power system.

Translation by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) of: Market reform options for a reliable, cost-efficient and decarbonised Italian power system, Brussels, The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), 10 December 2019,