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L'articolo 11 della Costituzione. Baluardo della vocazione internazionale dell'Italia


This volume is the product of a IAI research aimed at reinterpreting article 11 of the Italian Constitution – signed in 1947 - in light of recent changes in the international order, the European integration process and the interpretations given by legal doctrine and constitutional bodies. In particular, it analyzed the rejection of war; the consent to limitations on sovereignty in order to ensure peace and justice among nations, and the promotion of international organizations devoted to this aim. The book is divided into six studies on the historical origins of article 11 and its importance for Italy's foreign affairs, European integration, Italy's involvement in the United Nations and NATO, and the promotion of the international order.

Product of a IAI research and presented at a conference organized in Rome on November 27, 2012 by the Istituto affari internazionali under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic.

Presentations of the volume: Milan, 17 April 2013; Turin,22 May 2013

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