The Kurdish Peace Process in Turkey: Genesis, Evolution and Prospects

This paper examines the resolution process in Turkey since its inception until today. After an assessment of three distinct phases of the process, it seeks to explain what stimulated the Turkish state and the PKK to launch the resolution process and explains why both sides remained loyal to it despite serious problems and disagreements. It concludes with four possible scenarios for the resolution process in view of the general elections in June 2015.

Paper produced within the framework of the project Turkey, Europe and the World.

Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, May 2015, 15 p.
Working paper 11
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1. The Turkish State and the Kurdish Question
2. The AKP and the Kurdish Question
3. The Resolution/Peace Process
    First Round: 2009
    Second Round: 2010-2011
    Third Round: 2013-2015
4. Assessment: Reasons for and the Basic Characteristics of the Resolution Process
5. Prospects: Success or a Fourth Round?

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