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An Intersectional Analysis of the Micro-level Factors of Youth Economic and Political Exclusion/Inclusion in the South and East Mediterranean (SEM) Region


This report contains a discussion of how an analysis of the interplay of gender, class and other individual and social differences can shed a light on the micro-level dynamics of youth civic and political engagement in the countries of the South-Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) region which are part of the Power2Youth project. It is based on the data analysed in the country reports prepared by Power2Youth partners, which were taken from a broader survey on youth socioeconomic and political inclusion and exclusion that they themselves undertook in 2016 in partnership with, or under the technical guidance of, FAFO. To analyse dynamics of youth un/employment and political participation (or lack thereof), each country team selected the sections of the questionnaire which they deemed to be peculiarly interesting, telling and/or relevant for their context, and discussed results based on their theoretical frameworks and approaches.

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