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HOPE for a New Regional Security Architecture: Toward a Hormuz Community


The Middle East and North African region has experienced drastic changes over the past decades. As the world is experiencing transitions on different levels, the Middle East is also facing a new set of realities, including the emergence of a balance of power between old and rising regional players. As new conflicts and developments unfold in the region, adding to the existing unresolved ones, there is an urgent need for a workable comprehensive and inclusive regional security arrangement, which reflects parameters of the new power relations in the region, as well as collective interests of all the stakeholders. Iran has proposed the Hormuz Peace Endeavour to provide basic principles for an inclusive regional arrangement and prepare the ground for the emergence of a Hormuz Community.

Paper produced in the framework of the FEPS-IAI project “Fostering a New Security Architecture in the Middle East”, October 2020.

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