Governing Youth, Managing Society: A Comparative Overview of Six Country Case Studies (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Turkey)

This paper offers a comparative overview of both country and issue-based case studies prepared for the Power2Youth Work Package dedicated to analysis of policy/institutional factors of youth exclusion/inclusion in the South East of the Mediterranean. It begins by clarifying the theoretical and methodological presuppositions mobilized to address the concepts of ‘youth’ and public action. Next it reviews the four sectoral policy fields selected for the research, namely: employment, migration, family and spatial planning. Finally, it analyses governmental techniques at work in the six country case studies (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Tunisia and Turkey).

Roma, IAI, June 2016, 34 p.
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1. Introduction: Framework, Context and Methodology
1.1 Two Knowledges Turning Their Back to Each Other
1.2 A “Group” Constructed by Public Policies
2. Method and Theoretical Standpoint
2.1 Youth – Did You Say “Youth”? A Critical and Constructivist Approach
2.2 Considering Public Action as Instituting
3. Public Action in Four Domains: Empirical Analysis
3.1 Employment Policies and Labour Market Management
3.2 Migration Policies
3.3 Family and Personal Status Policies
3.4 Spatial Planning and Management Policies
4. Discussion of Results: Constructing and Governing “The Problem of Youth” Rather than Solving “Youth’s Problems”
4.1 Dividing and Fragmenting: A “Police” of Social Places
4.2 Managing Time and Generating Order … The Potential for Dissent
4.3 Repression in the Control of Voice and Visibility

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