Gender, Intersectionality and Youth Policies in the South and East Mediterranean

This document contains a discussion of the main findings, gaps and challenges emerging from the country reports prepared by Power2Youth (P2Y) partners in specific regard to issues of gender mainstreaming and gender analysis. After a brief overview of the key principles of intersectional analysis, we undertake a discussion of some general themes and issues that cut across all or most of the country reports produced by P2Y partners. In the third part of this document, we apply our analysis down to each of the four distinct domains of public action selected for macro-level analysis: employment, family, migration and spatial planning policies.

Roma, IAI, May 2016, 19 p.
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1. Introduction
2. Intersectionality at the Macro-level
2.1 Questioning the “Inclusion/Exclusion” Binary
3. General Remarks
3.1 Unpacking the Category of “Youth”
3.2 Institutions, Data, Resources
3.3 The National and the Transnational
4. Thematic Analysis
4.1 Youth and Employment
4.2 Youth and Family
4.3 Youth and Migration
4.4 Youth and Spatial Planning Policies

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