The Economic Agenda between Brazil and the EU: Prospects for a Bilateral and Global Upgrading

Brazil is still the European Union’s largest economic partner in Latin America, despite Europe’s trade position having slightly declined following China’s rise to be Brazil’s main export market. The signature of the long-awaited EU–Mercosur association agreement, including free trade, would clearly improve bilateral relations and guarantee a long-term engagement of European enterprises in the Brazilian market. At the same time, both partners should push towards global economic and financial governance by creating new forums for convergence and the adoption of common positions at the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the G-20. The bilateral, regional and international potential in an upgrading of Europe’s economic relations with Brazil is relevant and should not be left unexploited.

Revised version of a paper presented at the international conference “Meeting the Challenges: Europe, Brazil and Global Governance”, organized in Brasilia on 6 December 2017 by the EU Delegation to Brazil.

Roma, IAI, April 2018, 29 p.
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1. The modest results of the Strategic Partnership
2. Improving economic prospects
3. The EU’s trade agenda
4. Challenges for the Brazil–EU economic agenda
5. A new opportunity for Doha?
6. Global economic development and financial governance
7. Exploring the full potential: what can the EU and Brazil do together?

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