The Disguise of Youth Inclusion in Egypt

To understand the extent to which youth are excluded in the Egyptian public and political spheres, this paper poses various questions: What are the strategies enacted by the Egyptian state towards youth today? Which state institutions are concerned with youth? Are these institutions developing clearcut policies for the empowerment of youth? To answer these questions, the paper will provide an overview about the regime’s policies towards youth from Mubarak to al-Sisi. It shall give a critical analysis of how these regimes have dealt with youth socio-economic and political issues from the 2000s decade onward. Once the manifest state youth policies are pointed out, an analysis of the causes of youth exclusion will follow.

Roma, IAI, January 2016, 24 p.
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1. The Regime and Young People Pre and Post January 25: A Critical Analysis
2. Basic Information on State Policies toward Youth

2.1 The Regime’s Basic Definition of Youth
2.2 Youth Policies during the 2000s Decade
2.3 State Institutions Concerned with Youth Policies
2.4 Cooptation through Institutions
3. How Are Youth Perceived in the Media?
4. Youth: An Excluded Social Category?
5. Analysis of the Four Public Domains

5.1 Employment
5.2 Family Policies
5.3 Migration Policies
5.4 Spatial Planning

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