A Comprehensive Approach to the Understanding of the Dynamics of Youth Exclusion/Inclusion and the Prospects for Youth-Led Change in the South and East Mediterranean

Power2Youth aims at offering a critical understanding of youth in the South East Mediterranean (SEM) region through a comprehensive interdisciplinary and multi-level approach. By combining the economic, political and socio-cultural spheres and a macro (policy/institutional), meso (organizational) and micro (individual) level analysis, Power2Youth will explore the root causes and complex dynamics of the processes of youth exclusion and inclusion in the labour market and civic/political life, while investigating the potentially transformative effect of youth agency. The project has a cross-national comparative design with the case studies of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories and Turkey.

Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, December 2014, 26 p.
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1. Understanding Relevant Concepts
Conceptualizing Youth
Youth Exclusion and inclusion
Youth and Social Change

2. A Comprehensive Analytical Approach to the Understanding of Youth
Macro-level Analysis (policy/institutional factors of youth exclusion/inclusion)
Meso-level Analysis (organizational factors of youth exclusion/inclusion and youth collective agency)
Micro-level Analysis (individual factors of youth exclusion/inclusion and youth individual agency)

3. General Methodology
(a) Multi-level analysis
(b) A gender sensitive and socially differentiated approach
(c) Quantitative and qualitative methods
(d) A comparative approach
(e) Young people involved in academic research and policy debates


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