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Boosting Africa's and LDCs' Agency in the G20


African countries have always played a limited role within the G20 decision making processes. Such a lack of adequate agency – particularly of least developed countries (LDCs) has affected the credibility of the G20 with regard to development issues. However, covid-19 has brought to the fore a series of key topics (e.g., trade, green transition, fair financial architecture) as well as new actors (e.g., the African Standing Group within the Think20) that could be brought to the table to ensure a more decisive and impactful role for LDCs and African countries in the G20 policy processes.

Paper prepared in the framework of a research project coordinated by the IAI as scientific advisor for the Italian Presidency of the G20 and Co-Chair of the Think20 (T20) Italy 2021, with the support of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).