Being a NEET in Turkey: Determinants and Consequences

For a young person, unemployment is one of the most important obstacles to enjoying life. However, recent research has shown that even willingness to work, which forms a key element in unemployment calculations, is not uniformly distributed across society. Those who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) comprise a significant portion of society, in Turkey reaching 32 percent of young people aged 15–24, and a high 46 percent of young women. In this paper, we examine the determinants of being a NEET in Turkey, and its consequences in terms of trust, political participation and political efficacy.

Roma, IAI, April 2017, 21 p.
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1. NEET: A Theoretical Discussion
2. Turkey and NEET
3. Empirical Analyses
4. Consequences of Being a NEET
4.1 Trust and Being a NEET
4.2 Political Participation and Being a NEET
4.3 Political Efficacy and Being a NEET

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