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Avenues for Regional Energy Cooperation in the Gulf


In the midst of the Gulf region’s evolving energy landscape, characterised by the imperative of sustainable energy security and geopolitical complexities, regional cooperation emerges as a critical avenue for addressing shared challenges and seizing opportunities. Against a backdrop of a positive shift in geopolitical dynamics in the Gulf, this volume explores the imperative for inclusive cooperation in the energy sector between regional players and beyond, emphasising the transition towards renewable energy and the phased reduction of reliance on traditional fossil fuels. Drawing insights from a two-day workshop organised by the Bourse & Bazaar Foundation (B&BF) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in November 2023, this edited report delves into actionable proposals for bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Through a series of analytical pieces authored by leading experts and practitioners, the report examines the multifaceted nature of energy cooperation, addressing challenges ranging from geopolitical tensions to technical complexities. It highlights the potential for regional collaboration in areas such as renewable energy production, gas pipelines, and cross-border electricity trading, while also underscoring the need for trust-building measures and diplomatic collaboration to overcome political obstacles. Ultimately, this report underscores the importance of regional energy cooperation as a pathway towards sustainable development and economic prosperity in the Gulf region and beyond.