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The EU, the US and the International Strategic Dimension of Sub-Saharan Africa

Bernardo Venturi, Nicoletta Pirozzi,
Brussels, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Rome, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), December 2016, 270 p.
In: Books

The Role of Gulf States in Peace and Security and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw
Roma, IAI, August 2016, 20 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Militarising the Middle East

Robert Springborg
in The New Arab, 19 May 2016
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Gulf and EU Migration Policies after the Arab Uprisings

Françoise De Bel-Air
Roma, IAI, February 2016, 40 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

The cracks in oil welfare

Nicolò Sartori
in, 3 February 2016
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The West and the Middle East After the Iran Nuclear Deal

Riccardo Alcaro
Roma, IAI, July 2015, 10 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

More unity to foster cooperation between producers

Nicolò Sartori
in Oil Magazine, No. 29 (July 2015), p. 64
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From Morsi to Al-Sisi: Foreign Policy at the Service of Domestic Policy

Azzurra Meringolo
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, March 2015, 11 p.
In: Insight Egypt

L'evoluzione del quadro politico e le prospettive economiche dei paesi del Consiglio di cooperazione del Golfo

Roberto Aliboni
Roma, Camera dei deputati, January 2015, 6 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

The Gulf and the EU

Silvia Colombo
in Sieglinde Gstöhl and Erwan Lannon (eds.), The Neighbours of the European Union's Neighbours. Diplomatic and Geopolitical Dimensions beyond the European Neighbourhood Policy, Farnham and Burlington, Ashgate, 2014, p. 123-144, ISBN 978-1-4724-1777-0
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