Publications > GCC

Iran, the GCC and the Implications of the Nuclear Deal

Riham Bahi
p. 89-101
In: The International Spectator

US-Arab Gulf Relations amidst Regional and Global Changes

Dania Koleilat Khatib
p. 102-114
In: The International Spectator

Russia as a Gravity Pole of the GCC's New Foreign Policy Pragmatism

Alexander Shumilin, Inna Shumilina
p. 1115-129
In: The International Spectator

L'evoluzione del quadro politico e le prospettive economiche dei paesi del Consiglio di cooperazione del Golfo

Roberto Aliboni
Roma, Camera dei deputati, January 2015, 6 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

The Gulf and the EU

Silvia Colombo
in Sieglinde Gstöhl and Erwan Lannon (eds.), The Neighbours of the European Union's Neighbours. Diplomatic and Geopolitical Dimensions beyond the European Neighbourhood Policy, Farnham and Burlington, Ashgate, 2014, p. 123-144, ISBN 978-1-4724-1777-0
In: Other papers/articles

The Role of the GCC in the Southern Mediterranean Countries

Silvia Colombo
in Senén Florensa and Josep Ferré (eds.), The European Union in a Transformed Mediterranean: Strategies and Policies, Barcelona, IEMed, September 2014, p. 52-53 (Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors 5)
In: Other papers/articles

Middle East: On the Agenda for the Next Leader of India?

P.R. Kumaraswamy
Washington, The German Marshall Fund of the United States, April 2014, 3 p.
In: Op-Med

Bridging the Gulf

Silvia Colombo,
Roma, Nuova Cultura, March 2014, 357 p.
In: IAI Research Papers

The Role of Mass Media in Building Perceptions of EU-GCC Relations

Fatma Al Araimi, Cinzia Bianco
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, March 2014, 20 p.
In: Sharaka Papers

EU-GCC Cooperation in an Era of Socio-Economic Challenges

Cinzia Bianco
Roma, Istituto affari internazionali, February 2014, 22 p.
In: Sharaka Papers