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Towards Youth-Inclusive Policies in the Mediterranean (2)

Maria Cristina Paciello, Daniela Pioppi
in European Policy Briefs, May 2017, 5 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

Youth in the South East Mediterranean Region and the Need for a Political Economy Approach

Maria Cristina Paciello, Daniela Pioppi
Roma, IAI, May 2017, 24 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

Marginalization, Young People in the South and East Mediterranean, and Policy

Mark D. Calder, Robert MacDonald, Drew Mikhael [...]
Roma, IAI, May 2017, 32 p.
In: Power2Youth Papers

The EU External Policy on Migration and Asylum: What Role for Italy in Shaping Its Future?

Anja Palm
in Observatory on European Migration Law Policy Briefs, May 2017, 20 p.
In: Other papers/articles

The EU's Framing of the Mediterranean (1990-2002)

Pol Morillas, Eduard Soler i Lecha
Roma, IAI, April 2017, 29 p.

The European Community Framing of the Mediterranean (1970-1990)

Sally Khalifa Isaac, Haidi Esmat Kares
Roma, IAI, April 2017, 23 p.

Mapping the Proliferation of Parliamentary Actors in the Mediterranean

Andrea Cofelice, Stelios Stavridis
Roma, IAI, April 2017, 27 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Youth Precarity in MENA

Maria Cristina Paciello, Daniela Pioppi,
in The Middle East in London, Vol. 13, No. 3 (April–May 2017), p. 3-20
In: Other papers/articles

Moscow's eye on Libya

Nicolò Sartori
in, 15 March 2017
In: Other papers/articles

OrizzonteCina, vol. 7, n. 6, novembre-dicembre 2016

Nicola Casarini, Lorenzo Mariani
Roma, IAI ; Torino, T.wai, December 2016, 20 p.
In: OrizzonteCina