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Environmental Factors in the MENA Region: A SWOT Analysis

Mark Mulligan, Martin Keulertz, Musa McKee
Roma, IAI, November 2017, 39 p.
In: MENARA Papers

Youth and the Mediterranean: Exploring New Approaches to Dialogue and Cooperation

Andrea Dessì
Roma, IAI, February 2017, 30 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Material Factors for the MENA Region

Martin Keulertz,
Roma, IAI, December 2016, 43 p.
In: MENARA Papers

The geopolitics of energy innovation

Nicolò Sartori
in Oil Magazine, No 32 (August 2016), p. 75
In: Other papers/articles

The green turnaround for Big Oil?

Nicolò Sartori
in, 21 June 2016
In: Other papers/articles

Starting over in Paris

Nicolò Sartori
in, 23 December 2015
In: Other papers/articles

Towards a new global governance of climate policy?

Nicolò Sartori
in Oil Magazine, No. 30 (December 2015), p. 70
In: Other papers/articles

The EU and Africa: Regionalism and Interregionalism beyond Institutions

Nicoletta Pirozzi, Andréas Litsegård
Barcelona, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), November 2015, 26 p. (Atlantic Future Working Papers ; 26)
In: Other papers/articles

OrizzonteCina, a. VI, n. 3, maggio-giugno 2015

Nicola Casarini
Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali ; Torino, Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai), June 2015, 16 p.
In: OrizzonteCina

REDD+ as a Tool of Global Forest Governance

Ernesto Roessing Neto
p. 60-73
In: The International Spectator